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So, shrimpmeat is no longer performing as the members are in different cities, but we've compiled the recorded tracks into a nice little package on BandCamp!
canned shrimp shrimpmeat - canned shrimp

Projects featuring the members recorded since include:
Shannon sings with postpunk duo The Rain and the Sidewalk (new album Nadir was released 2016)
weakness stuck DEF UK compilation

Mike Breen is in Moths & Locusts, a psychedelic garage trio
Mission Collapse... Nero's Tale/Nero's Surgery Escape From Sector C
Shannon and Regina formed a power punk 4-piece Betty Kracker
Easy Bay Coven Bent Outta Shape bk
Regina left BK after the first BK release in 2006 and was in the hardcore trio Gnash Rambler
gnash rambler

November 2006
Betty Kracker
click here to go there
Betty Kracker
new CD out in stores and for sale online now

click here to go there
are Mike B.'s new band in Nanaimo! Check 'em out!!!

August 2006
The band's releases have been compiled into Canned Shrimp, available through Bandcamp

Fast Cars - the new EP

Latest CD release, mini ep 'Fast Cars', is now available on order directly from Shrimpmeat. Title track is a ridiculously catchy summer fun kinda tune,
inspired by all the stuff that goes with hot weather and sunshine. We recorded it in spring of 2003 at Ogre Studios, with production and engineering by
Kory Burke (credits include Bocephus King and Dubfreque). Final mixdown by Shrimpmeat and John Raham

Two bonus tracks are included on this cute 'lil CD (it looks like devilish new technology, but its really just a mini-sized regular CD that plays in most
modern CD devices). To go with the sunny theme, we threw on two instrumentals: the way-back surf sound of 'Bobby Ocean' (recorded at Downtown
), and the string-sizzling' skin bashin' anthem, 'Let's Go' (recorded live at the Anza Club).

Git sum more summer! The min-disc is available (see above link) but there are only a few left!
Contact grrrabit productions

4 more tracks including 2 brand new toonz recorded in the heat of last summer at Ogre Studios, 2 b released in late 2004.

Upcoming shows
no upcoming Shrimpmeat shows booked at this time

Guitar player Mike Breen appears with his new Nanaimo band, 'The Sheds', on CITR on September 9, 2004 on Thunderbird Radio Hell

Watch for Shannon and Regina in their new band, Betty Kracker, at a Vancouver rock club near you in September.

Betty Kracker Betty Kracker Betty Kracker

Other News

Sad News...

One of the band's favorite clubs is no more. Ms. T's, a club whose owners were extremely supportive of independent talent, plus a great place to hang. The club was destroyed in the massive fire that burned down the historic Victory Block building in downtown Vancouver on Friday, July 4. There were some injuries, but no loss of life, fortunately, but, sadly many of the residents lost everything.

New Video!

The band just played in Nanaimo last week and already we have video available!
The intrepid Brad Mitchell of noise merchants Facepuller was coerced into coming out and videotaping the show. He has used his mad skills to get a clip of Shrimpmeat's cover of The Who's I'm a Boy
available for viewing.
We're not sure how long it'll be up, but please do check it out!

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New song!

Just recorded the new song Fast Cars, just in time for summer! The band recorded it at Ogre Studios with Corey Birk (Lily Frost, Bocephus King.)
There's talk of releasing the song as a CD-single... Click here to hear a clip or two.
More music here.

Upcoming Shows:

Just Announced!
Saturday, July 19, 2003

Shrimpmeat Plays the Pic
620 West Pender, Vancouver
Opening will be Salmon Arm and Gang Bang

Saturday, June 28, 2003
Return to Nanaimo!
The Cambie, Nanaimo, BC

- we returned to the Cambie; The Drama opened and were great

Video from the show!
I'm a Boy(streaming)
this may only work at Cable speed
(QuickTime is required)
- taped live at the Cambie, Nanaimo June 28, 2003 by Brad Mitchell of Facepuller!

Friday, June 20, 2003
Facefest 2003 is NOW an ALL AGES SHOW!!! Howcum? click here
Unit 20 ANAF Hall, 300W. Pender, Vancouver
More info...
20 of Vancouver's finest on one stage for only $7!

Walkerband, Motorama, Bughouse 5, Evan Symons, I, Braineater + the Goons, Suck Up to God, Facepuller, Salmon Arm, Aging Youth Gang, Shrimpmeat, That Kelly Boy, Sanne Lambert Trio, Seventh Image, Richard Fordham, Azul Savaje, Huskee Dudes, James Dean IV & Pax.

Here's an article from last year's extravaganza...

Friday, April 11, 2003
Ms T's, 339 W. Pender, Vancouver
- with Evan Symons, Parlour Steps, Naomi Sider and the Pious and James Dean IV

A great show, in celebration of Evan's birthday! One of those shows you wish you'd recorded. Previewed a lot of new songs. Covered the Dik van Dykes' 'Happy Birthday'!

Saturday, March 22, 2003
Pat's Pub, 403 E. Hastings, Vancouver
- with Salmon Arm (with new singer Ash W.) and Paul is Dead

Pat's Pub is in the Patricia Hotel, about 2 blks east of Main on sunny Hastings St. (it's a nice-a place, really!).

Paul is Dead are on first, then Shrimpmeat, then Salmon Arm around 11:15, bar closes midnite, $5 cover - a fishy little show.

Sunday, February 23, 2003
Dead Roses Night at the Railway Club - with Pet Fairies and Aging Youth Gang

Cleanse your Valentine's Day palate and dump your faded flowers - a night of cabaret-style punk (see below)

Sharpen your claws with the campy Pet Fairies, recently re-formed (if not reformed!)

Shred petals to new songs by garage-poppers Shrimpmeat, and share cynical smiles 'n snarls with old-skool punkers Aging Youth Gang.

"Cabaret Punk" - Review from Belgium!
Webzine "Original Sin" wrote requesting a CD - here's what they said (this'll be in their site soon):

SHRIMPMEAT 100% EP (CD-single)(Own Release)
'In case you think all bands sound the same I can give you a tip by listening to this band as their female newwave-punk might have been made in times that The Plasmatics or Lene Lovich were around but today in 2002 it will be a bit different though... The skeleton of the band are Mike Breen and Shannon Hallett who started jamming "between bands" and as some guests dropped in from time to time, the concept of Shrimpmeat was born (two years later they bumped onto Regina Michaelis who previously played in Pet Fairies). Anyway the trio played several shows around Vancouver and they soon were discovered by college-radio's as well and that's very normal as their cabaret-punk automatically will remind you to bands like The Slits or early Siouxsie & The Banshees or if I may say in not so beautiful words...punk with balls played by pussycats....well, what else I can come up with anyway?'
Original Sin site -

Goin South: Shannon recovered from the shock by taking the slow train down to San Francisco for a few days. "I got together with Isabel from the webzine - remember we shared fifteen seconds of fame last year on the AP newswire! Well, this time we shared a couple pints in a pub called 'The Latin Quarter' in the Mission district. Isabel's a silversmith and 'zine publisher, lives in a shared warehouse, and is working on breaking the Guinness Record for the world's longest comic strip frame (current record 265 ft.). She has the full support of Shrimpmeat North on this ground-covering project!"

Sweet Airplay!!
Shrimpmeat is going to be played on CBC's New Music Canada radio show, Saturday Oct. 26th, 11 PM. You can pick it up throughout the country on CBC Radio 2. Check here for the frequency in your area.

We're working on two new songs for the CD this month. We should have pre-mixes for 'Social Class Warfare' and 'Girl Movie/Girl Band' on the site in the next week or so.We will be adding new photos from the numerous shows the band did this summer, plus add some new songs, hopefully this weekend. Don't forget to bookmark the site and write us!

Don't forget to check out
The Shrimpmeat Site

Recent Shows!

Dec. 10 - with The Winks and Amber Room
Unit 20 ANAF Hall, Vancouver
300 West Pender, Vancouver
We're extremely happy to be one of the first bands to play Vancouver's newest live venue!
Shrimpmeat's goin' on first @ about 10, followed by The Winks and Amber Room.

Nov. 9 - Benefit for Bob
wth Naked Ape, Blair Herbert Jam
WISE Hall, Vancouver
This was a 'last minute' party put together by devoted friends (mostly fellow film industry people) for the benefit of one Bob Foley. We volunteered, and were asked to play first, pretty early in the evening. We expressed concern during soundcheck, that perhaps we shouldn't start too early if nobody arrived yet - we returned from dinner to an expectant crowd of over 300! (and still coming in..) After picking up our teeth, we proceeded to get em dancing by the dozen. A very successful event!
September 7th - Shrimpmeat Go to the Island!
Our first out-of town show!
Pix and Story here!
Cambie Hostel Grill & Saloon, 63 Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo
August 16 - Facefest 2002 (with Hüskee Düdes, Sanné Lambert, Transgress, Aging Youth Gang, Walkerband, Evan Symons, Dub Frequency, Motorama, Salmon Arm, Lavish, Veronica, Do It For Johnny)
ANZA Club, 8th Ave. & Ontario, Vancouver
Best Facefest Yet! Photos and video coming soon!
August 10 - with The Polys and Clover Honey
The Silvertone, 2733 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Great turnout. Had nice, big sound for the set. Clover Honey and The Polys were terrific!
July 18 - opening for Motorama
Marine Club, 573 Homer (at Dunsmuir), Vancouver
June 6 - with Lavish & Hüskee Düdes
Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir (at Seymour), Vancouver

May 17 - with The Polys and Cage
The Side Door, 2291 West Broadway, Vancouver


Shrimpmeat to Appear in Associated Press Radio Feature Across US March 25
Our music will be featured on the
Associated Press' The Other News on March 25th. The show is being broadcast throughout the day via AP's 3300(!) radio stations in the US and streamed on up to 1000 websites, incuding Yahoo Radio. You should be able to hear the bit at around 20 minutes after the hour(e.g., 2:20, 3:20, ....) at various times during the day.
UPDATE! We have the sound clip here! (MP3)

The feature focuses on the similarly-named, but unrelated, San Francisco online magazine, and their Silly Band Names page.

Click here for older news...

We've got a site on New Music Canada. Check it out to hear some songs you can't get here! Also tell CBC you want to hear us on the companion radio show by contacting them. Don't forget to tell them their site rules, 'cos it does!
shrimpmeat on New Music Canada

To contact Shrimpmeat: email grrrabbit productions

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