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we selling the band's compilation Canned Shrimp online through BandCamp

Very limited copies of the CD EPs can be bought directly by contacting us via the BandCamp site

Fast Cars EP 3" CDr - $8.00
100% EP CDr - $5.00
+ $2.00 shipping/item

Fast Cars
an excerpt of the Shrimpmeat summer smash Fast Cars ep!(also on Canned Shrimp)

Do You Know?
(unreleased - soon to appear on the Canned Shrimp Deluxe)


(from the fast-selling 100% ep (also on Canned Shrimp)

Victim to Victim
"..vampyres are made and not born..."

In this final line of a song to a potential victim, the vampyre aludes to its own second genesis out of victimization, and thus to prior state of innocence/purity. The monster in the song appears to be the inflicted one, obsessed and suffering.

Is anyone actually born a victim?

The world is thrust upon us, even as we are thrust into the world, with all its horrors and glory. We consider the poor, innocent babe to be the most helpless of victims. However, it is also known that there are several born who go on to victimize the world.

Call it a draw, then? - S.H.

Petrocelli Octopus
from the fast-selling 100% ep (also on Canned Shrimp)

(taped live on CITR - our second public appearance!)