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So, shrimpmeat is no longer performing as the members are in different cities, but we've compiled the recorded tracks into a nice little package on BandCamp!
canned shrimp shrimpmeat - canned shrimp

Projects featuring the members recorded since include:
Shannon sings with postpunk duo The Rain and the Sidewalk (new album Nadir to be released summer 2015)
weakness stuck DEF UK compilation

Mike Breen is in Moths & Locusts, a psychedelic garage trio
Mission Collapse... Nero's Tale/Nero's Surgery Escape From Sector C
Shannon and Regina formed a power punk 4-piece Betty Kracker
Easy Bay Coven Bent Outta Shape bk
Regina left BK after the first BK release in 2006 and was in the hardcore trio Gnash Rambler
gnash rambler gr

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